Closing a book to start another

I have been reading a lot of books recently. Nothing of particular genre, mostly related to Science and the looming future of AI-calypse. But yeah, nothing special!

I keep myself away from reading and posting non-sense on social media sites. Helps to stay focused. Helps me to go on and do stuff that needs to be done. Or take control of what was out of control. A book a day there, is like a manual- picking up from someone’s experience, imagination or fears. Helps one to tackle theirs.

As I close the book now, I decidedly pick up another one. That is what life is about- finish one book and go on to other. But remember what the last book was about- it helps down the road. There is no endless book full of un-read chapters. There are just endless amount of books, which store away all the different point of views towards the same goal.

And that is where I am headed!

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