Lovers in Hamburg

It has been a while since I posted something. Have not even gone through all the photos from Netherlands and Austria. And few more folders lying in the corner of my hard drive as well. I can thank my semester end for that.

So this series, I eventually want it to grow with time. There are few more lovers/couples I want to add to this series. Funny, how I start with a couple who are NOT from Hamburg but rather Brussels. Shows you how busy everyone is in Hamburg

Beside the Landungsbrücken lights

Meet Vangjush and Nadya, a couple that I met through my friend, Sina. I covered their wedding a year ago. Which is one crazy story all together where they pushed back their wedding date so that I could attend a Coldplay concert!

Vangjush is from Albania and Nadya from Russia. They decided to spend a weekend in Hamburg, which thankfully, blessed us with a good weather! Thank you, Hamburg!

We roamed around Jungfernstieg and Landungsbrücken area. My plan was to shoot when it was dark. Unfortunately, I had packed my tripod without the camera mount. So hand held it was! I was confident.

A tender moment that I like on BnW. You’ll later see the coloured one below.


My ageing Canon 5D Mark III (will be 5 years this October) was put into test later that day, as it kept haunting for focus in low lights. Makes my case (against myself!) to get a Sony A7II/A9 stronger. But I am broke for now. So this has to do.


You can see my 5DIII haunting for focus here. But I love the blurriness!


I was too tempted to add the bokehs!


I realised again, shooting alone is tough. I needed a friend as assistant. It gets easier to arrange lights and manage the subject.

Anyways, one important thing- all the photos were edited with Affinity on my new iPad Pro 10.5! I really love how fast and beast of a machine this is. Will easily be a lighter replacement for my MacbookPro when I am travelling to Iceland later this year.

I would like to thank Vangjush and Nadya again- who always take my nagging with a smile and pose in the most awkward places!

Adios for now.

I promised the coloured one!
Here is a bonus BnW!

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