Closing a book to start another

I have been reading a lot of books recently. Nothing of particular genre, mostly related to Science and the looming future of AI-calypse. But yeah, nothing special!

I keep myself away from reading and posting non-sense on social media sites. Helps to stay focused. Helps me to go on and do stuff that needs to be done. Or take control of what was out of control. A book a day there, is like a manual- picking up from someone’s experience, imagination or fears. Helps one to tackle theirs.

As I close the book now, I decidedly pick up another one. That is what life is about- finish one book and go on to other. But remember what the last book was about- it helps down the road. There is no endless book full of un-read chapters. There are just endless amount of books, which store away all the different point of views towards the same goal.

And that is where I am headed!

The planning after initial excitement


I had so many plans for this. I had photo stories lined up that I wanted to post here. Travel logs that I wanted to share. But I have not. To be precise, the idea of YouTube did not let me.

I am coming back with a plan. Have travelled Netherlands, Iceland and Greece in the mean time. Everything will be uploaded here in time.

I remembered that writing makes me more thoughtful. Or maybe this is just the excessive amount of coffees I had in the past few days.



Lovers in Hamburg

It has been a while since I posted something. Have not even gone through all the photos from Netherlands and Austria. And few more folders lying in the corner of my hard drive as well. I can thank my semester end for that.

So this series, I eventually want it to grow with time. There are few more lovers/couples I want to add to this series. Funny, how I start with a couple who are NOT from Hamburg but rather Brussels. Shows you how busy everyone is in Hamburg

Beside the Landungsbrücken lights

Meet Vangjush and Nadya, a couple that I met through my friend, Sina. I covered their wedding a year ago. Which is one crazy story all together where they pushed back their wedding date so that I could attend a Coldplay concert!

Vangjush is from Albania and Nadya from Russia. They decided to spend a weekend in Hamburg, which thankfully, blessed us with a good weather! Thank you, Hamburg!

We roamed around Jungfernstieg and Landungsbrücken area. My plan was to shoot when it was dark. Unfortunately, I had packed my tripod without the camera mount. So hand held it was! I was confident.

A tender moment that I like on BnW. You’ll later see the coloured one below.


My ageing Canon 5D Mark III (will be 5 years this October) was put into test later that day, as it kept haunting for focus in low lights. Makes my case (against myself!) to get a Sony A7II/A9 stronger. But I am broke for now. So this has to do.


You can see my 5DIII haunting for focus here. But I love the blurriness!


I was too tempted to add the bokehs!


I realised again, shooting alone is tough. I needed a friend as assistant. It gets easier to arrange lights and manage the subject.

Anyways, one important thing- all the photos were edited with Affinity on my new iPad Pro 10.5! I really love how fast and beast of a machine this is. Will easily be a lighter replacement for my MacbookPro when I am travelling to Iceland later this year.

I would like to thank Vangjush and Nadya again- who always take my nagging with a smile and pose in the most awkward places!

Adios for now.

I promised the coloured one!
Here is a bonus BnW!

Höttinger Alm, Innsbruck

The Höttinger Alm

Höttinger Alm was the place where I spent two nights. The place was recommended to me by Avijit Nandy. 1481m high from the ground, this cottage is on the western side of the Alps. It has been there for almost 100 years. Will have to look at my notes later and update this!


A restaurant by day- you will see many people coming here after a good long hike or with their mountain bikes to get a chilled beer, whole enjoying the view it provides.


I will recommend anyone to stay here overnight. The owners are very friendly and the views you can get at night are worth the 23 euros per night (includes a huge breakfast)!

The all-you-can-eat breakfast!

To A New Beginning!


I have decided to start anew. Start clean and fresh. It was long overdue.

I almost forgot how much I like writing. The fun I had while pouring out my thoughts in an organised disorganised way. Forgot how much mumbo-jumbo I had written in the past and how that would make my loved ones feel once I am simply not there.

I only realized this during my first lone trip to Innsbruck. Completely alone.

Usually whenever I plan a trip, there would be at least one friend tagging along with me. Or there would be someone I know, living, in my destination. But not this time.

So all alone (in this age, that is HARD!), I took my my first nervy steps on the Alps- from Seegurbe to Hottingar Alm. Wondering why this route? Going down is easier than climbing up- that’s what I thought! I was so wrong.

I (foolishly?) decided to trust Google Map’s navigation rather than the printed trekking/train guide I had in my hands. Trusting and challenging my instincts- which I am so proud of.

As I wandered down the steep mountain road along the trail, fading with each step I took- a sense of fear and euphoria bagged my feelings’ rucksack.

I was sensing that something is going to get wrong but I was also excited to see how I coped with it.

I had two bags with me (bad idea)- one for regular travel things like clothes, toothbrush, snacks (bad idea!) and one with my camera gears. Both were big and I had one on my back and one hanging from the front. I could barely see where I was putting my feet while making a step and had to plan each step with three steps in advance.

IMG_4032 2
Yep, I should have taken this path going down hill before I went down hill!

I thought it was okay- I had fears of height and that way I was not looking down to the sides where it was a steep fall of at least 100m. I told myself “you are cool so move on!”

I went on for over an hour- with my knees shivering under the pressure of my luggages with each step I took to climb down- it was steep. Almost like 80 degrees most of the time. And add the strong cool wind thanks to the dark clouds gathering.

As I cautiously crossed a round corner- I could, at last, see the Hottingar Alm. Around 100m down towards the west. By that time, the stony trails had turned to a path along the grass and then to nothing.

My eyes searched for a short-cut path towards the Alm. There was one way I had to go up and around the Alm and then go down. And there was one that went down, steeply, across and leading to a stony slope.

I felt I could take the latter one. Trusting the hiking shoes and my experience with them in Berchtesgaden. I carefully went down the earth grass road- I was not getting any grip there. I decided to to just run for it, confident of finding some grip on the stones.

So, with two bags- I wobbled down there, towards the trail leading to the Alm. The bags were weighing me down and my knees were shaking with each step. “But I am almost there”- I told myself and put my right leg on the stone trail.

Then I slipped.

I rolled down the side of mountains. It was a 10m slide, on some thick stone rubbles, with two bags covering my back and front- I managed to stop myself, landing on to a small bush with thrones sticking out of the mountain side.

Next few minutes were tough. I  cut myself in few places but managed to get back- going four legged like a toddler, I climbed back to whatever trail there was.

The trail that was not there! Circled that rubble slider.

I sat down on the trail- took my bags off and stayed there still for full two minutes- gathering my thoughts. I did not wanna think what would have happened if that stack of bush was not there.

Apparently- the stone trail was full of small loose rubbles. With some big stones sticking firmly to the ground. I carefully examined the valley or slope or whatever you can call that- it was a slide from mountain top to all the way down to the Hottingar Alm. In winter I guess people snowboard here. So most of the stones in that line were washed down from the top. Nothing firm.

But where I was sitting- with my feet dangling down to the sides, WAS a path which went across that rubble slide. It was risky but to me, seemed better than climbing up the mountain. I was even considering taking out my camera gears from the tank of camera bag I got from Lowepro and use that as a slider to slide down the mountain side.

I was not thinking straight- the hottingar alm looked so easy to reach by taking that slide. But I did not. Sadly, I regret not doing that now.

I carefully got on my feet, picked up my bags and this time I put both of them on my back- I needed a clear front view before I could take any step.

And then I started walking- before making a firm placement with my feet, I was touching the stones with the tip of my shoes and making sure that it was firm. Each time I was putting all the weight on one of my legs- it started quivering. But I clenched my fist around my bags and tried to get the weight of my bags on my hands rather than my shoulder. It helped.

Slowly and with a cold sweat around my spines- I started crossing. I did not look down. It looked like rocky slide asking me to scream “weeeeeee!” and jump down.

And then I made it across. But I did not stop. I kept walking. I felt the path going up and approaching a round corner. I held my breath and kept walking. Thousand thoughts were racing in my mind. “Why is the path going up again? What if there is again a slope with rubbles? What if there was nothing?”

But there was something. No path. But lush green mountain side.

Can you find the Hottingar Alm?

I saw a mountain goat run past me, with bell clinking following it.

There was no path there but hoof marks of mountain goats and cows. Good for them that they can climb up there. Meant bad for me as it would take some more effort from a overweight human like me to climb down.

I could see a path leading towards the Alm, 50m down from where I was standing.

My knees were about to give up by then. I decided to rest and then climb down. And I did that for the rest of the path leading to Hottingar Alm.

When I arrived at the Hottingar Alm, it was already 17:20. I remember starting from  Seegurbe at 15:20ish time. So it took me two hours.

I was greeted by Patrick (the owner of Hottingar Alm?) and he was surprised to see me covered in dust and mud. I told him about what happened. He was bemused- apparently no one takes that trail anymore and that trail is for seasoned hikers. Even they only take a small bag with water for that trail.

And I made it with two bags!

The reason behind choosing Hottingar Alm!

“But you are a strong guy! So you did okay!” Patrick tried to cheer me up while handing me my room keys.

“I did do good!” I told myself. I did, indeed!


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